The origin of the West Los Angeles Holiness Church dates back to 1936 when home meetings were held in the Sawtelle area. Along with Kumaji Yoshimoto, Kamako Nakada took an active part in leading home Bible study groups. Unfortunately, due to the war and the relocation and incarceration of Japanese on the west coast, the group was forced to abruptly terminate their fellowship. After the war ended and the West Los Angeles residents returned, the mission commenced with renewed zeal. 
In 1949, the Los Angeles Holiness Church initiated a regular outreach into the area. Kyujo Nakada, husband of Kamako, was one of the converts baptized at the Los Angeles Holiness Church. A Bible study group began meeting once again at the Nakada home. This group later became the core of the West Los Angeles Holiness Church.

Dedication of the Iowa St. Building in 1955

Five years later, in the spring of 1955 with the purchase of some property on Iowa Avenue, the mission church was born. Eighteen Los Angeles Holiness Church members transferred to and became the charter members of the newly organized West Los Angeles Church in June of 1955.
The dedication service was held in July 1955, and Kumaji Yoshimoto was appointed as lay evangelist. Kenneth Ashitomi was appointed as student pastor in September 1956. He organized and laid the foundation for the inception of the English-speaking Department. Upon his graduation from the Fuller Theological Seminary in June 1961, Ashitomi was appointed as the first full-time minister of the English Department. In 1962, David Hosomi came from Japan to enroll at Azusa College. He assisted in the ministry of the church.


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