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Our conference observes Founder’s Day on the last Sunday of April to remember and honor the faithful men and women who pioneered and served in the churches of the O.M.S. Holiness Churches of North America. This year the Sunday is April 30, and 2023 marks the 102nd Anniversary of the founding of the L.A. Holiness Church, the first church in our congregation of Holiness churches.
We will collect a special Founder’s Day offering on Sun., April 22, and Sun., April 30, during church. We use your gifts to support our retired pastors and widows and pay for eligible retirees’ Medicare Part B insurance premiums.
Please consider giving in recognition and appreciation of their dedicated service. Special pink “Founder’s Day Offering” envelopes are available on the offering table in the sanctuary.
You can also give your gift online at our GIVE page––be sure to note your offering is for Founder’s Day, so it goes to those you intend. In addition, you can mail the offering to our church by the end of April, again noting your gift is for Founder’s Day. Thank you.