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April 4, 2020
Dear West LA Holiness Church Family:
I am praying for all of you during these difficult days. I am praying for your health, that you are cared for, and caring for those in your family who are with you. I am also praying for and looking forward with great eagerness to the day when we can once again gather together to worship God and share the love of Christ in person at distances closer than six feet. In the meantime, we pray that God will enter into our efforts to slow and stop the progression of the pandemic.
With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing the continuation of the “safer at home” restrictions, West LA Holiness Church will not be conducting public worship services or gatherings through the end of April 2020. This represents an extension of the original March 14 – 31 cancellation period.
With this in mind, we will continue to have our worship times on Sunday and some of our small group meetings remotely from the Cloud or online via the Zoom app. Please join us from home for the English Worship Service tomorrow at 11:15 AM to sing in worship to God, hear a message from the Bible, and to pray. Look for the link in another email tomorrow morning. The goal is that the post will be ready and available by 11:15 AM. After some prayer and consideration, I have decided that tomorrow’s service will include Communion. You will be responsible to provide the bread and juice from your own food supply. Don’t worry if you don’t have bread and grape juice. The Communion elements that we use are not sacred in themselves. They are made holy and special by the function that they play in the Communion service and in our worship of Jesus. So, bread of any kind, crackers, cookies, anything solid and easily swallowed without too much chewing (for practical and safety reasons) will be suitable. No grape juice? Find a suitable substitute including water. Our Bible message tomorrow will be about Jesus’ death on the Cross and the importance of Communion in our faith relationship with him, our worship of Him and our fellowship as a Christian Community. I know that practicing Communion away from our physical worship gathering seems strange. So many things have taken on a strange quality in this world of Covid-19. I ultimately came to the place where I believe that as much authority as this Virus pandemic has over our daily activities (and rightfully so because of our love and concern for others), that as a Christian church we should not allow it prevent us from celebrating the Lord’s Supper. I am looking forward with joyful anticipation to our worship together tomorrow, even though we will be separated by physical distancing, and in some cases even by when we worship. My hope is that we will be together tomorrow, joined by our fellowship of faith in Christ.
With His love,
Pastor Brian